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What are the secrets you keep? That voice within whispering well past midnight when the world is still, “Psst… Are you awake?” Well, are you?

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The Graveyard Shift carries an awareness of a world which parallels our own, bringing the knowledge all is not as it seems and people are not who you think them to be…

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CLUB 737

Given the amount of booze being tossed back and the light show outside from nearby thunderstorms, we had morphed into a rocking Club 737 at 40,000.’

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Bed-head on kids? Cute. You? Not.
Since when does the fashion industry look to Wal-mart shoppers for fashion trends?

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  • You have a talent for fiction, you really do. Your similes and metaphors feel inspired-- It's a gift. I've been walking around for days with the phrase, "...eyes as open as confessional doors" stuck in my mind.
  • Val, Val, Val… God bless ya! I love that you're always wondering, questioning, doubting. It shows you're a true artist. I think you’re a dynamite writer. You have a very comedic voice. Write another comedy, please?